Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Idiot Selection

The president nominated Judge Sam Alito (aka Scalito) to the Supreme Court yesterday. Got to hand it to the administration. When the going gets rough, change the subject. Now rather than a discussion about the Scooter Libby indictment, pundits will be focused on the battle coming up over the Supreme Court.

Alito's record on women's right to choose bothers me (as in his ruling in Casey that states can do anything short of ruling abortion illegal in the first trimester). What bothers me even more, however, is his ruling in a case that positively affected the value of $300,000 worth of stock that he owned. That's a major violation of ethics -- the same kind of violation that forced Reagan to withdraw the nomination of Judge Douglas Ginsburg. I think that type of behavior certainly rises to the level of extraordinary circumstances that should trigger a filibuster.

We'll see if the Democrats and pro-choice Republicans have the courage of their convictions.


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