Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Idiot Interminable Goodbye

Katie Couric signed off as co-anchor of the "Today Show" this morning in order to assume the anchor chair of the "CBS Evening News" in September. Thank goodness it is over.

Of course, I realize that May is sweeps month for the networks, but one more day of this long goodbye and I would switch over to the CBS morning newscast. Yes, Katie was on for 15 years. Yes, she's a good morning anchor. But, the amount of attention for this woman was way disproportional to even her importance in the news business.

This long farewell process became even more annoying in the last couple weeks when 1) ABC decided to give current morning co-anchor Charles Gibson the anchor chair on ABC World News Tonight in large measure because (now) former co-anchor Bob Woodruff is still recovering from injuries he suffered while reporting in Iraq and 2) Kimberly Dozier lies critically injured in Germany from injuries suffered on Monday also while she was reporting from Iraq. I don't ewer remember seeing Katie Couric in harm's way during her years on the "Today Show."

So, good luck, Katie, and goodbye (finally!)


Blogger dscar said...

Having met Ms. Couric in person, and had students spend two agonizing days full-time as interns during the John Glenn launch in Cape Canaveral, I can say with some personal experience that she is a true waste of space.

12:56 PM  

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