Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Idiot Lieberman Candidacy

Joe Lieberman lost the CT senate democratic party nomination to Ned Lamont last night.

The loss was significant. The margin of victory for Lamont was not overwhelming (4%), but given that no one gave Lamont a chance six weeks ago, this was a major upset. In addition, this was not a fluke of a small turnout of zealots turning out for an insurgent candidate. The turnout was over 40%, a record for a senate primary.

Until Lieberman's concession speech last night, I had mixed emotions about the outcome. I really wanted Lieberman to win a very tight race. In that way, Lamont could have sent a message to a candidate (Lieberman) who ran a campaign as if he was *entitled* to the job. Joe Lieberman has been a good senator for CT, and though his support of President Bush has troubled me, on balance, he is an asset for his state and his nation.

Then I saw his concession speech last night. It communicated "sore loser." Rather than congratulating Lamont for running a better campaign, he attacked his opponent. He also declared that he was continuing his race as an independent, even going so far as to shamelessly ask for donations from out-of-state contributors. It was a sad and classless performance from someone who generally acts with class.

Joe Lieberman should do the right thing and leave the scene. He lost and he lost fair and square. He took the voters of CT for granted and they let him know they didn't like it.


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