Friday, August 21, 2009

Idiot Criticism of Obama Vacation

The Right Wing Noise machine has geared up this week to attack President Obama for going on vacation, first a weekend getaway to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, and then a week's vacation on a Republican businessman's estate on Martha's Vineyard. Several critics have attacked Obama for going to the "liberal hotbed" of Martha's Vineyard. Many others, however, have criticized for Obama even taking a vacation.

President Obama has been in office for seven months. During that time, he has treated Michelle to a date in New York City, and the two vacations listed above -- 10 days total. If we extrapolate, he will have less than 20 days of vacation time this year. Projected out over eight years, Obama will have 80 days of vacation.

His predecessor, George Bush, made 149 visits to vacation at the presidential retreat at Camp David for a total of 487 days during his two terms. In addition, he made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford, TX for a total of 490 days. Overall, George Bush took 977 days of vaction -- nearly one-third of his entire tenure!!!

In addition, during his vacation in August 2001, he received intelligence on the potential of the attacks that occurred a month later on 9/11. During his August 2005 Crawford vacation, Bush initially failed to cut his vacation short while New Orleans was flooded by the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Maybe people didn't complain about the previous president's time off because the longer Bush was on vacation, the less he could screw up the country?


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