Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Idiot Campaigns

Just when I think political campaigns can't stoop any lower, here come the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races. In Virginia, Republican Jerry Kilgore ran an ad saying that Democrat Tim Kaine would not execute Adolf Hitler. Kaine is a devout Catholic, and does not believe in the death penalty. In an interview about the depth of his faith, Kaine said that personally he could not bring himself to support the death penalty, even for Hitler. Kaine has vowed, however, to follow VA law and carry out executions when necessary. Kilgore, a darling of the "rapture" Republicans, has made significant gains with this distortion of Kaine's position. Hopefully, Mark Warner's popularity will spill over to Kaine, his Lt. Governor.

In New Jersey, Republican Doug Forrester has been running an ad featuring comments by Democrat Jon Corzine's ex-wife. In the ad, the ex says that Corzine let his family down and will likely let New Jersey down as well.

Hitler and ex-wives -- what's next? Never mind. I really don't want to even imagine.


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