Saturday, March 11, 2006

Idiot Adoption Policy

Yesterday, the Boston Archdiocese announced that it would no longer provide adoption services. The reason is that the Massachusetts state constitution forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, so the Archdiocese would be forced to allow gay couples to adopt.

Personally, I am uncomfortable with a state forcing a religious institution to go against long-held religious tenets. There should be an exemption in the law for churches. Of course, I also believe that the Church policy against gay adoption is not in the best interest of children. I believe God would rather have a child with a loving gay couple than continue to live in state or foster homes.

My problem is with the Boston Archdiocese taking a principled position. Criminal organizations look hypocritical when they try acting holier than thou (pun intended).

As my friend J remarked, "Let me see if I have this one right: You can F@%K a young boy if you're a priest, but you can't ADOPT one if you're gay."

His observation is a bit more graphic than I was going to put it, but it's dead-on nonetheless. I was going to say that if you are a Cardinal and you obstruct justice and engage in a felonious conspiracy, you don't go to jail, you get promoted to a higher position in the Church hierarchy. If you are a child given up for adoption, and there is not a straight couple to adopt you, tough luck.

I have to admit, J's comment is much more succinct and to the point.


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