Thursday, June 01, 2006

Idiot (and Offensive) Focus on Family Ad

The conservative group, Focus on the Family, has launched a print and radio campaign targeting senators across the country who have not agreed to support the most recent Congressional legislation

The print ad can be seen here.

The ad is idiotic. In its first paragraph, it declares: "The reality is that
homosexual marriages intentionally create motherless families or fatherless families. And a compassionate society would not deliberately deny a child a mother or a father." First, homosexual marriages do no such thing. Homosexual marriages would encourage two-parent families, which the research demonstrates is a preferable family unit to a single-parent family. Plus, if you follow its argument to its logical conclusion, then if one parent should die or leave, then the children should be given up for adoption to a mother and a father (after all, isn't a single parent raising children depriving those children of a mother *and* a father?).

The ad also says "The only sure protection for marriage — and our kids — is the
Marriage Protection Amendment. In just a few days, the U.S. Senate will have the opportunity to pass this amendment which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It’s simple. And it’s as natural as motherhood and fatherhood." Gay marriage does not threaten marriage. Gay marriage does not threaten kids. But what this amendment will do is deprive between 5-10% of our citizens the right to the legal protections afforded heterosexual partners.

The Marriage Protection Act is just wrong! Not to mention idiotic!


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