Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idiot O'Reilly redux

Short note: O'Reilly made a comment today that, based on his reading of the recently released "State of the Media 2006" report that most of the news media was Far Left. This, of course, ignores the results of the survey of journalists in the report. In the survey, 34% of national journalists described themselves as "liberal" vesus 7% who identified themselves as "conservatve." The largest group of national journalists described themselves as "moderate" (54%). Not sure how that translates into a far left media. In addition, 23% of local journalists (who make up the vast majority of journalists in this country) identify themselves as "liberal" and 14% as "conservative". More than three in five (61%) identify themselves as "moderate." Again, where's the evidence of this leftist press?

Bill O'Reilly -- never one to let evidence get in the way of a favored theory.


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