Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Idiot Election ... Thank God It's Almost Over 2

Well, as political prognosticators go, I am no seer, but not a complete idiot, either. It appears that I will ultimately get the number of seats in the Senate correct (MT and VA look to go Democratic by the slimmest of margins). But, I underestimated Whitehouse in RI and overestimated the momentum of Petersen in AZ. I was right about the Democratic momentum. J.D. Hayworth got voted out of office and voters rejected a gay marriage ban.

Apparently, a number of RI voters would have easily returned Chaffee to the Senate had he been a Democrat, but just could not bring themselves to vote for a Republican.

In terms of the House, I underestimated there. As I write this, the Democrats have 27 confirmed seats, and at least a couple more leaners. Patrick Murphy in PA has a 1000+ vote lead over Michael Fitzpatrick, and, while that race hasn't been called yet, I think that's one for the Democrats.

I was surprised by CT. I thought the support by Republicans for Lieberman would help the Republicans like Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons. I was wrong. Johnson got thumped by Chris Murphy, and Joe Courtney has a razor-thin 180 vote lead over Rob Simmons. The Lieberman vote may have helped Chris Shays against Diane Farrell.

I missed by one governorship. I thought Charles Fogarty would beat Don Carcieri in RI, largely based on the superiority in numbers of the Democrats. But, Carcieri ran a good campaign, and deserved to win.

So, not bad predictions. Looks like I got the Senate right, the House right in terms of win, and was only one off in terms of governors (and, I must say, I was delighted to see Ted Strickland bitchslap Ken Blackwell 60-37 in OH, especially after Blackwell tried to insinuate that Strickland had a deviant sexual lifestyle). Still, none of the pundit shows are calling me with contracts for 2008.

Oh, well. With my luck, I'd have to appear with Ann Coulter. Now, if I can just find those stakes for her heart ...


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