Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Idiot Columnist Commentary to Start the Year

Mary Katharine Ham, managing editor of Townhall.com, just posted the following article on that site entitled "Some good things about Duke Lacrosse for a change." In the article, she argues that the mainstream media have largely painted the Duke lacrosse team as elitist pigs, for whom the charges of rape last spring seemed all too plausible. Now that Durham (NC) District Attorney Mike Nifong has dropped the rape charges (though left in place the kidnapping and sexual assault charges), Ham has decided to weigh in on how the mainstream media have gotten the story wrong.

Where has Ham been? The mainstream media have been raising doubts about the case for months, including an in-depth story on "60 Minutes." In addition, about the only person who believes that the three Duke lacrosse students are guilty of rape is the rabid law professor, Wendy Murphy, of Western New England Law School, who clearly believes that trials are not necessary -- once a person is charged with a crime, they must be guilty. Of course, the fact that Murphy is about 12 standard deviations away from the mean in terms of her understanding of American jurisprudence makes her a great source for cable show pontificating.

Glad to see Ham is paying attention to the Duke case. Might have helped had she done it nine months ago.


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